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Idaho > Rexburg > 242 E 7th N 
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COMMERCIAL PROPERTY!!! Retail space with large warehouse. Area can be flexible depending on what you want! Contact Rentmaster with any questions.


Unit Features
Community Features

242 E 7th N

Rexburg, ID 83440

  • Bedroom(s): 1
  • Bathroom(s): 1
  • Sq. Ft.:

  • Rent: $
  • Deposit: $

  • Type of Rental: Apartment Unfurnished
  • Lease Term: Flexible
  • Utilities Included: None
  • Pets: No Pets
  • Parking:
  • Smoking: Non-smoking

  • Landlord: Rentmaster

  • For property or rental questions please contact 208-656-9205
  • or email Support@Rentmaster.us,
  • or call 877.424.1025

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