About Us

The Rentmaster website was created by owners of rental properties and property managers with over 30 years of personal experience working directly with tenants and landlords. Rentmaster's goal is to provide the best possible medium in which tenants and landlords can be united.

The biggest risk to owning rental property is vacancy. The biggest problem for tenants is not having access to what they are searching for. Rentmaster solves both these issues perfectly.

We are confident that Rentmaster.us will meet the needs of both landlords and tenants more easily than either could ever imagine.

For Landlords

  1. We will give your vacancies immediate exposure on a nationwide level.
  2. We make the process easy and affordable.
  3. We will expose your properties to millions of prospective tenants.
  4. We give you the resources to choose good, qualified tenants.
  5. All prospective tenants have the option of applying for your vacancy online. With each application for our premium members we will provide a Credit Report from Experian at no charge.
  6. We give renters as much information about your properties as possible, including pictures and mapping, so when they come to you they are already sold.
  7. With nearly 6 million vacant rental units available nationwide every day, we make your unit shine above the rest.
  8. We want you to fill your vacancy TODAY!

For Renters

  1. We help you find exactly what you need, exactly where you want it.
  2. We make finding a new home to be a quick and easy process.
  3. We give you one website where all your questions are completely answered.
  4. We provide you with enough information online so you feel comfortable making a decision and sending an application directly to the property manager or owner.
  5. We allow you to see the property online and compare it with all other possibilities.
  6. We know you will be satisfied with your renting decision and be the best tenant your landlord has.